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The Jefferson College Library is open to residents of Raintree.
Senior citizens , 60 and over , can join for no cost. The charge if you are younger than 60
is $5 per year.
This is a very large facility, it encompasses two stories and has over 60,000 books.
One can check it out on their web site jeffco.edu/labrary.
One can log onto it , go to new books, on the next page go to new books again.
On this page click on  mobius> archway, etc. etc. and search for books by title or author.
They also have videos, dvd's and vhs tapes that can be checked out.
The following is more information about the library
The HOA is looking for people who wish to be on the HOA Board. If you
are interested in being a board member to help with setting up events for
the coming year, contact any board member
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